Cylinder Rebuilds & Replacements
Standardized Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild Procedures Followed on All Rebuilds:

Photograph incoming assembly, components, primary & secondary failure modes.
Clean all components, dimensionally inspect, visually note conditions and permanently record all
mic'd sizes and component conditions specific to each assembly.
Compare inspection data to blueprint specifications & evaluate and advise customer whether and
how components are to be repaired and/or replaced.
Detail quotations to customer with cylinder assembly rebuild scope & associated costs.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder Replacements

Should the cost of rebuilding the hydraulic cylinder exceed customer's "rule of thumb" repair cost
versus new cost, new cylinder assembly cost offered as replacement to the original cylinder
assembly received. These replacements can either be offered “in-kind” or include suggested design
improvements that correct failure modes observed during the inspection and evaluation process.

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