Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

Up to 72" (1.8 meter) bore and 75' (24 meter) length
Inch and metric dimensions
Standard designs, bolted, welded, tie-rod, etc.
Custom designs for specific applications
Telescopic cylinders
AGC (automatic gage control) cylinders
Roll balance (non score design)
Hydraulic Cylinders with integrated Measuring System (Position Feed Back System)

General Machining & Manufacturing Capabilities

CNC Manufacturing - Production, Turning, Milling, Horizontal and Vertical
Horizontal Boring
Forgings and Machining up to 60' length, also with CNC
Cylinder Seals and Seal Kits
Rotary Distributors for any application
Cylinder Accesories and Bearings
Cylinder Parts Production
Repair of Hydraulic Cylinders
Custom Machining

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Replacement

Steel and Heavy Industry
Machine Tool Industry
Press Business
Mobile Equipment
General Industry
Plastic Industry
Ship Building
Foundry Industry
Off-Shore Industry
Construction Industry
Civil Engineering
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